Top 5 Most Common HVAC Problems That Require an Expert

top-5-most-common-hvac-problems-that-require-an-expertWhen left unchecked, HVAC problems can increase your utility bills and make your furnace or air conditioner less effective. But even if you’re a handy person, some issues that impact furnace efficiency are better left to a professional.

That’s because only a professional can identify and resolve problems in a way that will allow you to maximize your heater efficiency and optimize your bills. Some problems can also be dangerous to deal with on your own if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

With that in mind, take a look at the following list, which highlights the top 5 most common HVAC problems that require an expert’s touch.

Moisture leaking from your HVAC system could be a more serious problem than you think. This could be a sign that your system is leaking refrigerant, which is poisonous and dangerous to interact with if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The best strategy for this HVAC problem is to call an expert who can handle the situation safely.

2. Strange Noises

Strange noises could be a sign that your furnace efficiency isn’t where it should be. But the specific problem that’s causing these noises can vary and may be influenced by the specific type of noise that you’re hearing.

For example, constant rattling is usually a sign that a part in your energy-efficient furnace is loose and needs to be tightened. But if your HVAC system is loud and keeps getting louder, it could be a sign that it needs lubrication.  Ultimately, it’s really hard to diagnose what your system’s strange noises mean so it’s best to have a professional come out to deal with it.

3. The System Keeps Shutting Off or Tripping the Circuit Breaker

If this problem is impacting your H efficiency, it’s likely because you have a malfunctioning component that’s automatically causing your heater to shut off to avoid becoming a fire hazard or damaging the system.

Instead of trying to deal with this on your own, it’s a better idea to have a repair person out to diagnose the issue and replace the part for you.

4. The AC / Heater Blows Hot / Cold Air

When your AC system blows hot air, it can mean two things. Either your compressor is failing or you’re low on refrigerant. Even if you know how to fix these problems, there are lots of different issues that can cause them. So it’s better to hire a professional to make sure that they don’t happen again.

5. Unusually High Heating/Cooling Bills

Your utility bills go up when you have HVAC problems that impact your furnace or AC efficiency.  There’s an almost endless list of issues that can cause this, including malfunctioning components and dirty filters.

So the best way to resolve this problem and lower your bills quickly is to hire a professional.

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