Is An Electronic Air Cleaner The Best Choice For You?

Is An Electronic Air Cleaner The Best Choice For You?If your home is typical, it may be a cesspool of airborne contamination. Dust, dirt, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, chemical fumes from cleaning products, smoke from nearby factories, and odor-carrying particles from a variety of household activities may be just some of the ingredients that comprise the toxic stew you breathe into your lungs every day.

There are a few possible solutions to this dilemma, but one of the most effective ones is to purchase an electronic air cleaner for incorporation into your ductwork. From this ideal location, an electronic air cleaners will remove airborne contaminants as they circulate throughout your home, which happens every time you turn on your furnace or air conditioner.

How an Electronic Air Cleaner Works

An electronic air cleaner is installed directly in your ductwork, and as long as its switch is kept in the ‘on’ position it will work its magic whenever your HVAC equipment is in operation.

When air circulates through it, the cleaner’s pre-filter will capture any larger particles that your regular HVAC air filter (installed behind the intake grill) might have missed. As for smaller particles, these will pass through a charging section, where ionizing wires will zap them with a negative electric charge. Working by the principles of magnetism, these negatively charged pollutants will then attach themselves to positively charged collecting cells, which hold them in place until they are removed.

Cleaning an Electronic Air Cleaner is a Snap

Every three months or so, you’ll need to take out the pre-filter and the collecting cells to clean them. This is easy to do, since electronic air cleaners sit outside the ductwork and can be quickly accessed.

Both the pre-filter and the collecting cells can be cleaned with dishwashing detergent, either in the sink, tub, or the dishwasher if you don’t want to wipe them off by hand. If you choose the latter option, however, make sure you take them out of the unit before the drying cycle begins, since they could be damaged by the heat and must be dried in the open air.

Of course, you’ll need to turn off the power to the HVAC system and the cleaner before removing anything. But as long as you clean them regularly to ensure smooth functioning, electronic air filters will capture up to 99 percent of the particles that contaminate your indoor living spaces.

ABE Sells and Installs the Best Electronic Air Cleaners

ABE Heating and Cooling is proud to give our customers access to one of the finest, if not the finest, electronic air cleaner currently available: the REME Halo™ Air Purification System, which guarantees the highest-quality indoor air throughout your home. Bacteria, mold spores, viruses, chemical fumes, kitchen odors … you name it, and the REME Halo™ will remove it. Installation is quick and easy for our trained HVAC technicians, and they will give you instructions on how to get the most out of your new air purifying marvel.

We are located in Brighton, Colorado and serve the entire Denver Metro Area, so if you live here and are worried about the quality of your indoor air, please contact us today to discuss your options.