Do You Need an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Plan?

Do You Need an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Plan?Do you know what an HVAC maintenance agreement plan is? Many homeowners don’t, and they find themselves in a pickle when their HVAC system decides to break down. An HVAC maintenance agreement plan plays an important role in your system’s warranty and lifespan.

What is an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Plan?

An HVAC maintenance agreement plan is an agreement between a client and their HVAC company that states how often and how thoroughly their system will be inspected and serviced. This plan can either be negotiated or offered by the service company in a predetermined package. An agreement plan is important because many HVAC warranties require systems to be tuned up regularly in order to be valid.

Between the HVAC maintenance agreement plan and the HVAC system warranty, the client and the company can work together to decide the best way to care for the system in question.

Different Types of HVAC Maintenance Agreement Plan

For all intents and purposes, your HVAC maintenance plan and your HVAC warranty are the same. That said, there are several different options that your HVAC service provider may offer. Let’s take a closer look at the following.

1. Preventive Maintenance Plan

A preventive maintenance plan states how often your HVAC company will send a professional to inspect, clean, and repair your HVAC system. This type of plan mainly ensures that no long-term damage occurs within your system before a professional next lays eyes on it.

2. Full Labor Plan

A full labor maintenance plan promises that the company will make any necessary HVAC repairs, at any time, free of labor charge. The only catch is that you (the homeowner) are responsible for purchasing any parts or equipment necessary for the repair.

3. Full Coverage Plan

A full-coverage plan essentially acts as HVAC system insurance. Your HVAC company provides labor and parts, all free of charge, in the event of an emergency breakdown or repair. Of course, a full-coverage plan is typically the most expensive type of maintenance plan agreement.

What Are the Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Plan?

Depending on which HVAC company you use, specific benefits (such as price and frequency of maintenance) can vary. However, some overall benefits include the following.

  • Regular HVAC Maintenance
  • Saves Money on Repairs
  • Catches Problems Early
  • Increases System Lifespan
  • Helps Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns

Again, an HVAC system maintenance agreement plan is basically insurance for your HVAC system. It is a good thing to have and can certainly save you money.

What is Included During a Furnace or AC Tune-Up?

Many homeowners choose not to pay for routine maintenance because they don’t see the point in a furnace or AC tune-up. There are some key differences between AC tune-ups and furnace tune-ups. What is included in each, and are tune-ups worth the investment?

Furnace Tune-Up

A good furnace tune-up includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of both the indoor and the outdoor unit, including fan blades, blower, and drain line. The HVAC professional inspects for cracks, leaks, or holes in the furnace. Additionally, the gas or electricity is tested for safety to ensure that no fumes are causing a health hazard.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up

An air conditioner also begins with a thorough inspection and cleaning. In addition to evaluating the blower and units, the professional will also check refrigerant pressure and the condensate drains. Like the furnace, if any cracks or leaks are detected, the HVAC professional will make necessary repairs.

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