Top 5 Heating and Cooling Trends for 2022

As in nearly every other aspect of life, technology has brought significant changes to the heating and cooling industry. HVAC systems have become far more efficient and, in part, that is due to Smart Technology. Programmable thermostats and other features allow homeowners to have much more control over how their systems work in order to keep their homes comfortable and still save on energy costs.

HVAC systems continue to evolve and improve. Here’s a peek at what you can look forward to in 2022. 

Top 5 Heating and Cooling Trends for 20221. Sustainable systems

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It is a fact of doing business today, and one that many industries are taking seriously. What does this mean for HVAC? Efforts to help reduce the carbon footprint of HVAC systems will be prominent in 2022. For customers, advanced equipment will likely be more expensive than other versions of the same models due to the high technology and manufacturing operation costs, but those costs will decrease with time and increased competition.

2. Data analysis

The ability to calculate maintenance costs and energy loads (and therefore optimize power utilization) helps customers choose the right equipment for their homes. In 2022, data analysis will help customers obtain better measurements of their environments to maximize system efficiency, and help manufacturers continue to improve how they address customer needs.

3. Automation

Technology has made convenience a top selling point for many consumers. Manufacturers will continue to find ways to add automation to their systems. Smart thermostats that can be adjusted from anywhere, will become the norm. Technology already allows HVAC systems to detect when residents come and go from the home through smartphone apps and automatically adjust the temperature for comfort and cost savings. Taking that even further, motion-activated sensors that turn air conditioning off and on by detecting movement in the home. In addition, smart ventilation systems allow users to separately control the temperature of each room or area of their home.

4. Online communication

Customers will benefit from easier access to contractors and information through software and other online tools. Mobile technologies will simplify setting up preventive maintenance and service programs, as well as researching new equipment.

5. Electronic air cleaners

These devices are 40x more efficient at removing unwanted particles from the air than standard filters that are thrown away. In light of the current focus on staying healthy, the demand for whole house air cleaners is expected to increase.

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