5 Ways to Combat Uneven Heating and Cooling in Your Home

5 Ways to Combat Uneven Heating and Cooling in Your HomeNot only is uneven temperature distribution annoying, it wastes money. Why pay for a service that isn’t accomplishing its purpose? If you are experiencing uneven heating and cooling in your home, learn the possible reasons why and how you can combat them.

What Causes Uneven Heating and Cooling?

Temperature distribution has a lot to do with the type of HVAC system you own. Usually, uneven heating and cooling stem from a circulation problem, which can occur due to any of the following:

1. Outdated HVAC System

An old, outdated HVAC system does not generally run as smoothly and efficiently as it once did. If your system is particularly old, it could be acting erratically, alternating between cool and warm air circulation. This results in uneven temperature distribution throughout your home.

2. Faulty Air Ducts

Blocked, dirty, or leaky ducts can also contribute to uneven heating and cooling. If your HVAC system is fairly new and efficient, the next thing to check is your ventilation system. Which rooms tend to be warm, and which tend to be cool? You may have to enlist the help of a professional to inspect the ducts connecting to these rooms.

3. Blocked Vents

Blocked ducts present a problem, but often, the problem is as simple as a blocked vent. If you notice one or two warm rooms in your home, make sure the vents are open. If only every problem possessed such a simple solution.

4. Poor Insulation

Depending on the climate you live in, outside air can significantly affect the temperature within your home. If certain rooms are poorly insulated, the exterior temperature is more likely to overpower your furnace or air conditioner.

5. Hot Rooftop

Few homeowners realize the effect that their rooftop has on their interior temperature. The rooftop affects the temperature in the top floor especially. A hot roof often succeeds in making the top floor and the bottom floor completely different temperatures.

How Can You Combat Uneven Temperature Distribution?

To avoid uneven heating and cooling, apply our top 5 tips for maintaining proper air circulation.

1. Change your air filters.

Clogged or dirty air filters often prevent heating and cooling from circulating evenly. Make sure you change your filters as often as the package recommends, or every 1-2 months. Additionally, you should use high-quality air filters to improve your overall indoor air quality.

2. Inspect your HVAC system regularly.

The best type of maintenance is preventive maintenance. Keep your eyes, ears, and nose open for potential problems within your HVAC system. Inspect your system periodically, and schedule professional tune-ups every year. This allows you to nip potential problems in the bud, preventing uneven heating and cooling from even becoming an issue.

3. Keep bathroom and bedroom doors open to encourage circulation.

If the entire house is cool except for one room, then keeping that room closed off will not do much to improve circulation. Keep doors open as a habit so that air circulates evenly.

4. Invest in a zoning system.

What is a zoning system? A zoning system allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms, allowing you to increase heat or cooling at will. This both saves you money and provides you with more control.

5. Call an HVAC professional.

If you notice a problem with uneven heating and cooling, don’t be afraid to call a professional for help. A professional can often identify the source of the problem quickly, enabling you to fix it faster.

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