Top 10 Furnace & Heating Tips for Holiday Parties

Top 10 Furnace & Heating Tips for Holiday PartiesAre you getting ready to throw a holiday party at your home? You’ll want to make sure your guests are protected from the cold temperatures outside. To create a cozy and warm atmosphere during the party, follow our top ten furnace and heating tips for holiday parties.

Furnace and Heating Tips for Holiday Parties

1. Close Doors

By closing the doors to rooms that aren’t going to be used during your party, you’ll keep warm air circulating only in party spaces. This tip also serves a double function, as it will keep guests from wandering your home.

2. Schedule a Furnace Maintenance Check

If your furnace hasn’t recently been looked at by a professional, you should schedule a check before your party. A furnace maintenance check often involves a furnace tune-up. By doing this, you can ensure there won’t be any problems during your party.

3. Clean Your Vents

During the days leading up to your holiday party, go around your home and clean out all of your heating and air vents. You should also check that all your vents are open and unblocked. By doing this, warm air will flow more easily into your home.

4. Use Humidifiers

Winter air is often dry and uncomfortable. Using a humidifier at your party will promote moisture in the air, making breathing easier. The moisture will also help kill any bacteria in the air and keep your home warmer.

5. Replace Your Air Filter

Changing your furnace’s air filter ensures that the air in your home is clean and free of any pollutants. This makes for better breathing for you and your guests.

6. Keep the Temperature Low

If you’ve got a large group of guests coming to your home, you might consider setting your thermostat a bit lower than usual.

7. Build a Fire

Indulge your guests in the holiday spirit by lighting a fire at your party. It will provide warmth and a great ambiance inside your home.

8. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping you cool in the summer! Setting your ceiling fan in reverse will blow the warm air rising up back down, allowing it to circulate throughout your party.

9. Provide Blankets for Colder Guests

Lowering the thermostat in your home to make guests feel more comfortable should please most people. Still, some people always feel cold. Have blankets available nearby that people can use to warm up if they’re feeling cold.

10. Cook Ahead of Time

The kitchen is the heart of any house. During a party, it’s also a popular hang-out spot. But, if you’re cooking up a storm and guests are packing into your kitchen, things will heat up quickly. If you can, do your best to cook before your guests arrive to keep things comfortable during your party. That way, people can enjoy their hors d’oeuvres without overheating!

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