Is Ruud a Good Furnace Brand?

Is Ruud a Good Furnace Brand?Ruud furnaces are thoughtfully designed with the customer in mind. They are low-cost and high efficiency, so purchase and operating costs are far less than other brands. If you are considering a furnace replacement, take a serious look at installing a model from Rudd.

Consumer Reports (CR) rated Ruud furnaces first for gas furnace reliability and the brand has been consistently one of the most popular and reliable. CR ranked gas furnace companies by the rate at which the furnaces broke down or stopped functioning enough to sufficiently heat a home and found that Ruud had the lowest breakdown rate (8%) compared to all other manufacturers.

Many Options to Choose From

Ruud has multiple models to choose from, including two-stage, variable speed, modulating operating system, and multi-position design. Features include the exclusive, highly reliable PlusOne Ignition System, the PlusOne Water Management System that prevents spillage and damage, and PlusOne Diagnostics. Every model boasts superior energy efficiency while providing exceptional comfort and reliability. Some have unique features such as a removable heat exchanger for better serviceability, a replaceable collector box, smart controls and alerts, improved air flow for quieter performance, the latest sensor technology, EcoNet Smart Monitoring System, and remote access through the EcoNet app.

Good Prices & Warranty

Prices range from approximately $2,900 to $6,000. AFUE ratings range from 92% to 98% for most models; the U802V and the R802T have an 80% AFUE rating. Most Ruud furnaces come with a 10-year conditional parts warranty and a conditional lifetime heat exchanger warranty, with extended warranty options available.

100+ Years of Experience

Replacing an old furnace with a new energy-efficient furnace will give you many years of worry-free performance with much lower energy costs. Rudd has been making excellent heating and cooling products for more than 100 years. The company manufactures gas and oil furnaces, central air conditioners and heat pumps.

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