Furnace Not Working? Here are 5 Things to Try Before Calling an Expert

Furnace Not Working? Here are 5 Things to Try Before Calling an ExpertNothing is worse than a broken furnace in the dead of winter. Fortunately, the problem isn’t always something major. If you find yourself without heat, know what to look for before calling a professional.

5 Things to Try Before Calling an HVAC Technician

Sometimes, the source of a problem is as simple as flipping a switch or cleaning a vent. To fix or maintain your furnace without the help of an expert, try taking the following steps.

1. Check your thermostat.

This solution might seem obvious, but faulty thermostats are common issues. Your thermostat may need new batteries. Or, if you own an electric furnace, the electrical connection could have been lost.

2. Change your air filters.

Your air filter plays an important role in the efficiency of your furnace. If it’s clogged or dirty, it prevents the warm air from getting through. To avoid this problem, change your air filter every couple of months or as often as the packaging recommends.

3. Make sure that your furnace is receiving power.

Again, this solution seems obvious, but always check the circuit breaker and the power switch before calling your HVAC company. Your power may have been turned off unintentionally.

4. Declutter the intake, exhaust, and exterior units.

Excess clutter prevents proper air circulation, reducing the functionality of your furnace. Take the time to declutter and clean around each unit. Don’t forget the exterior unit outside your home.

5. Check the pilot light and gas valve.

Make sure your pilot light is still on and the gas valve is supplying power. To turn your pilot light back on, hold the gas valve’s regulator down and use a match or lighter to reignite the pilot light. Do this carefully, and check for potential gas leaks before lighting your match.

Signs Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up

If you take all the steps mentioned above and your furnace continues to fail, contact a professional for help. Generally speaking, the following occurrences are signs that you need to inspect your furnace (or have someone inspect it for you).

  • Burning Odor
  • Uneven Heating
  • Slow Heating
  • Loud Screeching or Squealing
  • Clicking or Clanking Noises

When in doubt, call a professional. Annual tune-ups are one of the best ways to prevent your furnace from breaking down. It is always better to catch problems early before they become serious and expensive.

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