Furnace Not Reaching Set Temperature? Here are Some Tips

Furnace Not Reaching Set Temperature? Here are Some TipsIt can be frustrating when appliances seem to be failing us, especially when we’ve invested our hard-earned money in their functionality. One of the more frustrating is when the furnace is not keeping your home warm. Fortunately, there are often simple diagnostics that you can run to troubleshoot an HVAC issue.

Things to consider if your furnace is not heating up properly

1. Check Your Thermostat

Before you spend a large amount of money on experts and equipment, consider that the problem might be as simple as replacing the thermostat. Thermostats can grow old and outdated and read the wrong temperature, which sends the wrong message to the furnace. When the thermostat is not performing its duty, this, in turn, keeps the furnace from performing its duty.

2. A Broken Sensor

Schedule regular inspections of your furnace to ensure that everything is in clean, proper, working condition. A dirty or blocked sensor can intercept signals sent to the furnace and result in the wrong temperature.

3. An Unchanged Filter

A dirty filter blocks airflow, which can stop your furnace from heating up all the way. Be certain that you are changing your air filter when needed, as well as check that there are no large objects stacked around the furnace that are impeding airflow. Keep clean ducts and a clear path.

4. An Overheated System

An overheated furnace is very dangerous. If your furnace is overheating, it might turn off prematurely, which keeps it from meeting your desired temperature. If nothing seems to be obviously wrong with the furnace (the filter has been changed, and everything appears to be in working order), the best course of action is to contact a technician who can help.

5. Incorrect Sizing

Although this seems like a silly answer, the problem just might be that your furnace is the wrong size for your home. A furnace that is too small will never be able to catch up with the size of the house; a furnace that is too big heats up the area right next to the thermostat too quickly. This informs the thermostat that the house has been warmed and that it is time to shut off. In either situation, the desired temperature is not being reached.

For every problem, there is a solution, and furnaces are no exception. ABE Heating & Cooling is located in Brighton, Colorado, and serves the Denver Metro Area, as well as the cities between Denver and Cheyenne, Wyoming. If you are experiencing problems with your furnace not reaching the set temperature in your home, contact us today for assistance.