Furnace Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Furnace Maintenance: What You Need to KnowMost days, you aren’t thinking about your furnace — unless it isn’t working. When that happens, it can be a huge inconvenience and potentially a big expense. Making furnace maintenance a part of your overall home maintenance is an easy way to prevent the heat from going out when you need it most. That maintenance includes what homeowners can easily do themselves and having a professional inspection by an HVAC contractor.

Why furnace maintenance matters

Furnace maintenance should ideally happen before the cold weather sets in so any problems can be addressed before you need heat. Proper maintenance ensures that there is proper air flow throughout the system. Restricted air flow puts strain on the system, increasing repairs, shortening its lifespan, and reducing the comfort level in the home.

Because furnaces rely on combustion to generate heat. That process uses fuel, such as natural gas, propane or oil. If the system isn’t working as intended, there is a chance of gas leaks or exposure to carbon monoxide that can lead to serious health problems or death. Annual professional maintenance protects your home and family by preventing problems or catching any issues while they are still minor and easy to correct.

Simple maintenance homeowners can do on their own

  • Check the pilot light to make sure it is blue. Yellow, or any other color, can mean too much carbon monoxide is present.
  • Change the air filter when it gets dirty, typically every 30 to 90 days, to keep your system clean and maintain proper airflow. The majority of system failures can be attributed to dirty air filters. Consult the instruction manual for how to remove and replace the filter, what kind to use, and how frequently to check it and replace it.
  • Listen for unusual noises because they may be the first sign of a problem. If noises are becoming louder or more frequent, have the system evaluated by a professional.
  • Keep the outside of the furnace clean and free of dust and debris. Clean the blower assembly; because it is located next to the air filter, it can get just as dirty as the filter itself. Consult the instruction manual, or ask a professional for help identifying where the blower is located and how to clean it. A damp cloth generally works well.
  • Keep the vents clean by lifting off the cover and vacuuming out the air duct. This can help reduce dust and pollen in your home. Consider having the air ducts cleaned as well. Keep the area around the vent unblocked by furniture or other belongings.
  • Schedule professional annual maintenance. The technician will thoroughly clean the system, inspect all the components, identify any potential or impending problems, and make any necessary repairs.

Unlike a breakdown, a maintenance check happens when it is convenient for you. Contact ABE Heating and Cooling today to schedule your appointment. We are located in Brighton, Colorado and serve the entire Denver Metro Area.