8 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Winter

8 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Prepare for WinterWinter is coming, and that means it’s time to prepare. Save money and ensure a warm, cozy season by applying a few simple furnace maintenance tips.

Simple Ways to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Most homeowners have experienced the pain of a broken furnace in the dead of winter. The best way to avoid this is to address potential problems ahead of time. To adequately prepare for winter, consider these 8 tips.

1. Turn your furnace on before you have to.

Many homeowners avoid turning on their heat until the weather gets too cold to stand. While we understand wanting to save money on your monthly bill, it’s a good idea to turn your furnace on a month or two before you have to. That way, you can see if anything needs to be fixed before you actually need the heat.

2. Visually inspect pipes, wires, and gas lines.

Take a few minutes to inspect the furnace. Look for dents, rust, leaks, etc. If you notice any external problems, contact an HVAC professional.

3. Gently clean the inside of your system.

To avoid overheating within the system, you should clean your furnace’s blower, motor, and exterior units at the beginning of the winter season.

4. Oil the motor.

Lubricate the motor with a few drops of oil. Be careful not to use too much or the oil may overheat.

5. Clean the furnace’s drainage tube.

The drainage tube drains excess moisture from the furnace. If it becomes dirty or clogged, it can cause some overheating. You can clean the tube by removing it and pouring in some white vinegar.

6. Clean the furnace’s flame sensor.

You should clean your furnace’s flame sensor at the beginning and end of each winter. Remove it from the unit and wipe it down with a soft cloth.

7. Check your thermostat.

Often, furnace problems begin at the thermostat. No matter what type of thermostat you have, make sure it’s connecting to the furnace and sending the correct signals. Change the batteries if necessary.

8. Schedule an annual HVAC inspection.

A professional inspection ensures that every part of your furnace is equipped to run smoothly and efficiently. This prevents breakdowns from occurring during the cold winter months.

HVAC Tips to Apply All Year Long

Remember, proper maintenance doesn’t just happen once a year. Make sure you apply these tips no matter what season it is.

1. Clean or change your air filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

A dirty or clogged air filter prevents your furnace from running efficiently. It also increases your energy bill and reduces your indoor air quality. Change your air filter every two months, or as often as the manufacturer recommends.

2. Keep your eyes, ears, and nose open.

Pay attention to your HVAC system. Small problems become big problems very quickly when they are not attended to.

3. Clean your vents.

You should clean your vents at least once a year to avoid dust accumulation.

4. Contact your professional HVAC technician with potential long-term issues.

If the root of a problem is not obvious, it’s always best to contact a professional. This saves you money in the long run and increases the lifespan of your furnace.

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