5 Furnace Issues to Watch for This Winter

5 Furnace Issues to Watch for This WinterProperly caring for your HVAC system is always important, but it is especially important during the cold months. Your furnace can develop problems that will cost you money and make you cold. Stay alert to any potential issues your furnace may have.

Watch for these 5 Furnace Issues

Keep your eyes and ears open for the following.

1. Dirty air filters

Dirty furnace filters are a simple and common issue. Many homeowners don’t change their filters regularly because they don’t think the filter really affects the overall system. The truth is, furnace filters protect your system and your home from countless particles, pollutants, and allergens.

If you notice your air filters getting dirty fast, there might be a deeper problem located somewhere else.

2. Strange noises

Don’t ignore strange noises coming from your furnace. If you hear clicking, clanking, hissing, rattling, or squealing, chances are good that there’s a problem within the system. Have your furnace investigated by a professional.

3. Cracks or leaks in ductwork

If you notice that your rooms aren’t heating as well as they should, there might be a leak somewhere within the ductwork. You should have your ductwork professionally inspected at the beginning of the season to ensure no cracks or leaks go unnoticed.

4. Uneven temperature distribution

Uneven heating isn’t always the result of cracked ductwork. It could be a flaw within the system itself. Again, it’s important to stay alert to these things so that they can be repaired rather than replaced.

5. Furnace blowing cold air

Let’s not forget the most obvious problem. If your furnace is blowing cold air rather than warm air, there is definitely an issue.

Tips for Caring for Your Furnace

1. Change filters often.

The lifespan of an air filter varies based on brand, size, household pets, and more. Generally, there will be a recommended time of use on the front of the filter’s package, which provides a good rule of thumb to start from.

2. Inspect the system regularly.

Keep your eyes on the system. Check it every month or so just to ensure that everything is operating smoothly.

3. Clean your ductwork.

Dust buildup in ductwork can lower indoor air quality, causing health concerns in the home. Make sure you’re keeping everything clean and tidy.

How Else Can You Care for your Furnace?

The best thing you can do for your furnace is to schedule professional furnace maintenance. During HVAC inspections, experienced professionals can locate small problems at their source and nip them in the bud before they become large and expensive.

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