Ground Source Geothermal Installation in Brighton, CO

Water-to-Air Heat Pump, Radiant Flooring, Hot Water System

The following is a case study of a home in Brighton, Colorado that pulls out all the stops for heating, cooling and supreme comfort needs. It is a complete ground source geothermal system which works in conjunction with a water-to-air heat pump, radiant flooring and domestic hot water system. This system was installed and is maintained by ABE with the drilling completed by Colorado Geothermal Drilling.

Bosch 2-Ton Water-to-Water Heat Pump

This photo shows the Bosch 2-ton water-to-water heat pump. This is the first heating source of the home. The two pipes shown going through the wall are connected to the loop field on the outside. This loop field consists of four 300 foot bore holes.

This unit supplies hot water to a buffer tank. The Rheem buffer tank is for the radiant floor system: which provides heat through the flooring to the homeowners’ master bedroom/bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and a guest bathroom as well as supplies water to the preheat tank.

Right: Rheem Marathon Electric Water Heater. Center: Rheem Preheat Tank. Left: Rheem Buffer Tank

Right: Rheem Marathon Electric Water Heater

More energy efficient and no more gas bills for heating domestic water in the home.

Center: Rheem Preheat Tank – for Domestic Water

This utilizes a desuperheater and buffer tank for more energy efficiency as well as cost savings. A desuperheater uses the excess “free” heat that is available in the winter & summer months and recycles that heat to be utilized by the hot water heater. The desuperheater works by capturing the heat and utilizing it for hot water instead of rejecting the heat and putting it all back into the loop field. By using a preheat tank, water that is transferred into the main hot water tank is already “pre-heated” allowing for more energy efficiency as less energy is needed to heat the water to the desired temperature.

Left: Rheem Buffer Tank – For Hydronic System

The buffer tank mixes the water coming from all zones that are circulating at any given time. This allows for even-temperature water that is entering the geothermal heat pump coils at all times. This tank is hooked up to both the radiant flooring as well as the Bosch water-to-water heat pump, as shown in the diagram below.

Bosch 3-Ton Water-to-Air Heat Pump

This water-to-air system provides both heating and cooling of the home through a ducted system. utilizing a water to air heat pump uses no natural gas & is more energy efficient than a conventional furnace/AC system.

Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) & AprilAire Steam Humidifier

Left: Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

On the left hand side of this picture hanging from the ceiling is the Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). For ultimate comfort the ERV pulls fresh air into the home and takes out stale/unclean air.

Middle: AprilAire Steam Humidifier

In the middle of this photo is an AprilAire Steam humidifier. This adds to the comfort of the home by keeping the humidity in the air where the customer feels most comfortable. These systems are of great use in Colorado our climate being characteristically dry.


This homeowner was able to reduce their heating, cooling and domestic hot water utility costs by half by replacing their oversized conventional system through the install of the geothermal looped system.

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