Air Source Heat Pump, Mini Split & Heat Pump Water Heater Installation in Arvada, CO

A homeowner reached out about wanting to make their home more energy efficient for both heating and cooling as well as for hot water production. They were also interested in making their shop area more comfortable in both the summer and winter months with heating and cooling options as there was no current systems in place for climate control of that area. ABE was able to accommodate this homeowners wants and needs with a handful of products from both Mitsubishi Electric and Rheem. Below is a breakdown of the equipment that was installed.

3 Ton Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Air Source Heat Pump

3 Ton Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Air Source Heat Pump

The picture above shows the 3 Ton Hyper Heat outdoor unit that was installed for the air source heat pump. In this case the homeowner wanted the unit to be away from the home. To accommodate this request ABE ran the units’ lineset through a trench and into the home’s mechanical area.

3 Ton Indoor Air Handler for the Air Source Heat Pump

This is a picture of the 3 ton indoor air handler for the air source heat pump. ABE was able to adjust some of the ductwork in the mechanical room to retro fit the unit into the homes’ existing duct system.

Mitsubishi 18,000 BTU Hyper Heat Mini Split

Mitsubishi 18,000 BTU Hyper Heat Mini Split

This is the outdoor unit for the mini-split that was added into the shop area.

Wall Mounted Indoor Unit

This picture shows the wall mounted indoor unit in the shop area. This unit is located on the inside of the wall from where the outdoor unit sits. These units are great for when no system currently exists and there is no ductwork in place. They are controlled through a remote and provide both cooling and heating. In this case there is only one head unit, but with these systems there are options to put in multiple head units for large rooms or for multiple rooms that need systems.

Rheem Proterra Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heater

To round out this homeowners strive for energy efficiency ABE installed a heat pump water heater.

With these upgrades this homeowner was able to transition their home towards greater energy efficiency. For both heating and domestic hot water they were able to get off natural gas. This is a great example of a retro fit installation that fit the homeowners needs.

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