6 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Boiler

signs-it-maybe-time-replace-boilerThe best way to prevent having to replace your boiler is to implement a regular maintenance inspection plan with a qualified HVAC contractor. Annual maintenance is the key to ensuring high efficiency and longevity of your boiler, and to ensure full coverage of your warranty. However, if you have missed a few annual inspections and you are not sure it makes sense to go ahead with another repair, here are 6 signs it may be time for a replacement.


Boilers can last up to 30 years or longer, so age alone may not be an indication of a problem. Age paired with several of the signs below, however, may point to the need for a new boiler.

Increase in Energy Bills

As boilers age, even if they still operate, they lose efficiency. This can cause your energy bills to increase.

Increase in Repairs

Rising operating costs may not just be a function of higher energy costs. The cost of keeping your boiler going may be the result of more frequent repairs. An increase in the noise your boiler makes is another sign you may be ready for a replacement.


Black soot around a boiler indicates the fuel is not burning properly and is creating carbon monoxide. In the case of gas furnaces, a flame that has changed from blue to yellow indicates this as well.


Leaks can cause costly floods and property damage, as well as damage to the boiler itself. If your boiler has leaks or requires make-up water, it is probably near the end of its useful life.

Reduction in Comfort

If you have rooms that are too hot or too cold consistently despite the temperature in the rest of the house, or that vary in temperature throughout the day, you could be in need of a replacement.

If your boiler is experiencing any of these failures, replacing it rather than repairing it may make good economic sense, as well as ensuring your comfort and safety. New systems offer many benefits, including increased efficiency (lower energy costs), better performance (improved comfort), increased safety (no carbon monoxide danger – although you should always install carbon monoxide detectors), and less chance of needing an emergency repair.

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