Why is My Air Conditioner So Loud? 4 Ways to Quiet a Noisy Air Conditioner

Why is My Air Conditioner So Loud? 4 Ways to Quiet a Noisy Air ConditionerWith modern AC units, noisy air conditioners are really a thing of the past. This means that when you hear a noise coming from your AC unit you shouldn’t just pass it off. Ignoring the mysterious noises from your AC unit could mean expensive repairs down the road. HVAC maintenance can be a costly thing if your air conditioner is already broken so it’s best to prepare and avoid any and all problems ahead of time.

If you are hearing noises, here are some reasons why, along with how to troubleshoot your ac unit.

5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Making Noise

In order to understand how to quiet your air conditioner, you must first identify where the noise is coming from. The following list details some of the most common reasons your air conditioner is making noise.

1. Loose Parts Rattling Around

If you have a noisy air conditioner there’s a very strong chance that it has a loose or broken part. A connecting rod, piston, or crankshaft could be the culprit. If the noise sounds like a loud banging then it could also be that your system needs a compressor replacement.

2. Loose Electrical Connection

With so many electrical parts, it’s not uncommon for there to be wear over time resulting in loose parts and bad connections. It’s imperative that you solve electrical issues as soon as possible to prevent larger problems from developing.

3. Low Energy Efficiency

Decreased efficiency happens over time and will require HVAC maintenance to fix. If you’re not scheduling regular HVAC tune-ups then parts will loosen and your air conditioner will slowly become less and less efficient with time.

4. Dirty Condenser Unit

There are fins on your ac condenser which if caked in dust can lead to decreased air circulation. You should check these every now and then and clean them accordingly.

5. Clogged Air Filter

When was the last time you changed your air filters? If you can’t remember then that’s a telltale sign that they may be clogged. If air filters are dirty then air won’t flow as well and you will likely start to hear a buzzing sound coming from the unit.

6. Debris On/In Unit

Whether it’s a loose part from the unit itself or something got in there, letting loose debris sit on or in your HVAC system is a dangerous game. This loose debris can damage your compressor if not taken care of and can lead to a costly replacement.

How to Quiet a Noisy Air Conditioner

The exact steps you need to take to quiet your air conditioner depend on the source of the problem. However, you can generally prevent any annoying noises or major problems from occurring by observing the following rules.

1. Perform routine HVAC maintenance.

Performing routine maintenance on your HVAC system is your best insurance for keeping it up and running. Cleaning and calling in professionals for HVAC tune-ups will help lengthen your air conditioner’s lifespan. Because of the comfort AC provides, you shouldn’t neglect taking care of it.

2. Keep all units, coils, and filters clean.

Along with routine HVAC maintenance, you should also replace your filters as needed. Even if there’s nothing to be done it’s still important to check on it every so often just to make sure it’s up and running.

3. Make small repairs as soon as possible.

It can be tempting to ignore any small problems you may have in your air conditioner as it’s easy to just assume it’ll fix itself. However, small problems can quickly turn into big ones if left alone for too long.

4. Schedule seasonal heating and cooling tune-ups.

Calling in professionals to routinely perform HVAC maintenance and identify any problems is your best option when it comes to avoiding a broken or noisy air conditioner.

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