What to Expect from an Air Conditioning Tune-up

Purchasing a new air conditioner is a big investment, and the best way to protect that investment is with regular maintenance. However, you may be wondering what that means, and if it is worth spending the money on an air conditioning tune-up every year. Consider that heating and cooling account for 50% of your home’s energy costs. Keeping your system running at peak efficiency will save you money every month.

Start with a reputable HVAC company.

Make sure the company you hire to do the work has a good reputation. Check reviews and references, and get referrals from people you trust. Find out if the technicians are trained and NATE certified. NATE certified technicians have demonstrated real-world knowledge and have passed rigorous tests. Don’t be lured by low price offers. Companies that offer exceptionally low prices may not have proper training and may not do everything necessary to care for your system. A thorough inspection and tune-up should take 60-90 minutes.

All critical system components should be checked.

A routine maintenance tune-up should include the following:

  • Check thermostat settings
  • Tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check and inspect the condensate drain in your central air conditioner or heat pump
  • Check controls of the system
  • Check the starting cycle of the equipment
  • Clean evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils.
  • Check your central air conditioner’s refrigerant level
  • Clean and adjust blower components

Why have your air conditioner maintained?

  • To Increase and maintain the comfort level in your home.
    Annual maintenance will prevent many problems that affect your air conditioner’s performance. It will also catch any problems early (while they are still easy to fix). Your air conditioner will operate efficiently and keep your home comfortable all season long.
  • To extend the life of the unit.
    Why replace your air conditioner sooner than you have to? Regular maintenance will help keep your system running trouble-free for years.
  • To prevent loss of efficiency.
    Up to 5% efficiency loss can occur if your air conditioner is not properly maintained. Loss of efficiency means higher energy costs every month. The cost of maintenance can quickly pay for itself by keeping your energy bills low.
  • For peace of mind.
    Don’t risk being without air conditioning during the heat of the summer. Regular maintenance reduces the chance of a breakdown.
  • To meet warranty requirements.
    Some manufacturers require regular maintenance in order to keep the warranty in force.

Your air conditioner should be maintained once a year. Avoid delays and contact ABE Heating and Cooling today to schedule your maintenance appointment.