Is Your AC Making You Sick? 5 Things You Need to Know

Your air conditioning unit keeps you cool during the summer months, but it also requires regular maintenance. When you do not have proper maintenance, it may lead to sicknesses and health issues.

An Air Conditioner May Cause Breathing Problems

Difficulty breathing is a concern that may relate to your air conditioning unit. When you do not change the filter before the start of summer, it allows bacteria and fungi to grow in your unit. As a result, you may end up facing breathing problems. It is particularly concerning when your unit has mold and bacteria.

Change the filter regularly to prevent breathing problems from your A/C unit. You also want to have a professional check the coils and ducts when you have breathing problems.

Fatigue or Feeling Sick May Relate to the AC

When you feel sick and have regular headaches, it may relate to your air conditioner. The cold temperatures may cause fatigue, headaches, dizziness or other symptoms of a cold or flu.

A simple solution for this problem is turning up the temperature. The symptoms develop from the cold temperatures, so turning up the temperature may help prevent future discomfort.

Contamination May Cause Allergies

Contamination is a concern for any air conditioning unit. Pollutants, pollen and other contaminates are particularly concerning when the unit does not bring in fresh air. When you have signs of allergies, you want to improve the circulation and ensure proper maintenance on the unit.

For units that circulate old air, open a window slightly for a small leak. The leak provides better circulation and allows contaminates to leave the area.

Dry Skin Relates to Your AC Unit

When you spend time in an air conditioned environment, you may develop dry skin and hair. The cold temperatures and dry air cause your skin to dry out.

Resolve the concern by using a moisturizer and staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body healthy and prevent further drying.

The Unit May Cause Ear, Nose and Throat Concerns

Ear, nose and throat concerns may relate to your air conditioning unit. A poorly cleaned unit may cause cold and flu-like symptoms from the mold or bacteria in the unit. The dry environment also contributes to your discomfort.

Regular maintenance and proper cleaning helps reduce the risk of feeling sick from your air conditioner. Maintain the unit each year before turning on the air conditioner to prevent ear, nose and throat complications.

An air conditioner may contribute to health concerns. Fortunately, you have options to keep your body healthy by making a few adjustments to the situation.

To learn more about preventing health complications from your air conditioner or for maintenance on your unit, contact us today.