A Review of the Ruud Classic Plus Series Two-Stage Air Conditioner (RA17)

Ruud UA17 – Achiever Plus SeriesFor overall excellence in summertime performance, the Ruud Classic Plus Series Two-Stage Air Conditioner is the winning choice. It will keep you cool and comfortable in even the highest heat and humidity, without adding excess weight to your energy bills. Its benefits are impressive and a great selling point for this best-in-class air conditioner.

The outstanding features of the Ruud Classic Plus Series Two-Stage Air Conditioner include:

Superior Energy Efficiency

With a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating of 17, this air conditioner is twice as energy-efficient as a typical older model. Its chief energy-saving feature is the Two-stage Copeland Scroll Ultra Tech Compressor, which includes dual-capacity settings of 67 percent and 100 percent.

When the mercury soars you can switch to 100-percent mode. But you’ll be able to keep your home pleasantly cool about 80 percent of the time at the lower, less energy-intensive setting. Compared to a single-stage compressor, which is perpetually set to high, your new Ruud air conditioner will keep your summertime energy expenditures well within reason.

EcoNet Enabled for Precise Control

Ruud’s EcoNet Smart Home System is the first digital management technology to allow integrated control of heating, cooling and water heating systems. Together your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump and water heater will account for about two-thirds of your energy consumption. So, having a programmable thermostat that lets you customize the activities of all simultaneously creates unprecedented opportunities for enhanced energy efficiency.

Featuring 7-day programming, a touchscreen digital panel and an optional WiFi package with mobile app for online interface, the EcoNet Smart Home System will let you control the performance of your heating, cooling and water heating systems down to the minute. Ruud delivers the goods once again with this superb smart thermostat, and if you purchase the Ruud Classic Series Two-Stage Air Conditioner you’ll be able to take full advantage of its energy-saving capacities.

Nearly Soundless Operation

This is one of the quieter outdoor air conditioning units produced by Ruud, and one of the quietest cooling appliances available anywhere on the market. The solid composite base helps suppress sound emissions while eliminating rattling. The wide fan opening facilitates free and easy movement of air across the blades and a corresponding reduction in noise levels.

Sound output is minimal when the compressor is in its lowest setting, as it is the majority of the time. The nearly soundless profile of the Ruud Classic Series Two-Stage Air Conditioner is a testament to design and engineering excellence and a compliment to Ruud’s advanced manufacturing methodology.

Unmatched Durability

Despite its sleek, smooth, attractive appearance, this outdoor cooling cabinet is built for sturdiness and longevity. The composite basepan, interlocking corner posts, curved louver panels and drawn top cover blend to form a structure that is solid and strong and uniquely resistant to the ravages of time.

Despite its rigid structure, this air conditioner provides easy access internally and externally for rapid cleaning and repairs.

The Final Verdict

The reliability of the Ruud label is well-known in the HVAC industry. They are masters at staying up-to-date yet getting out ahead of the curve, and they’ve surpassed those standards once again with the Ruud Classic Series Two-Stage Air Conditioner. Smart-home controllable for customized performance, it will bring 21st century cooling technology into your home and lower energy bills along with it.

This outdoor half of a split air conditioning system is fully compatible with Ruud indoor evaporator coils and furnaces or air handlers with aluminum evaporators. Trained installation experts will have no trouble completing all connections and getting your brand new air conditioner ready for the challenges of yet another long, hot summer.

ABE Heating and Cooling is a Colorado Ruud Dealer

The bottom line is that Ruud heating and cooling products are an excellent investment. If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, or for any other type of HVAC appliance, please contact ABE Heating and Cooling today. We are located in Brighton, Colorado and serve the entire Denver Metro Area, and as an official Ruud dealer we can introduce you to some of the best air conditioners, gas furnaces and water heaters available on the North American continent.