9 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs this Summer

Summer is here and thank goodness for air conditioning!  The air conditioner is a wonderful invention, but comes with a price, especially during the hottest months of the year.  Fortunately, there are things you can do to lower your air conditioning bills.

1. Keep Your Air Conditioner in the Shade

Keeping your air conditioning unit in the shade helps you save on cooling costs. You may save as much as 10 percent by keeping the unit in the shade.

2. Adjust the Settings

Adjust the settings on your thermostat. When you are not in the house or at night, turn up the thermostat. Keep it to a reasonable level, such as 78 degrees, when you are in the home for optimal savings on your cooling costs.

3. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help circulate the air, which cools the entire space. Install a ceiling fan and turn it on to circulate the air. You can also use additional fans throughout the house for more circulation and cooling solutions.

4. Open the Windows and Doors

During the early morning hours or at night, if it is cool outside, turn off the air conditioning unit and open your windows or doors. The fresh air keeps your home properly ventilated and helps your home stay cool without extra costs.

5. Find and Seal Leaks

When you have leaks that let out the cool air, it adds up in the cost of cooling. Find and seal up any leaks around the doors, windows and other areas of your home. Use caulk or other sealants to prevent further leaks and lower air conditioning costs.

6. Be Cautious When Using Appliances

Certain appliances, like a dryer or oven, build up heat and make your home feel excessively warm. Avoid using the appliances during the day. Instead, opt to use the appliances at night or early in the morning. Alternatively, cook meals on a grill outside or use an outdoor oven to avoid bringing the heat into your home.

7. Keep the Air Conditioner Maintained

Maintenance is a key part of lowering your costs.  Have your AC maintained to ensure that it works effectively and does not have any complications that may add up in unexpected costs.

8. Replace the AC Filter

The filter plays an essential role in the functioning of your air conditioning unit. It allows the air to circulate properly. Replace the filter regularly to keep it running smoothly.

9. Replace the AC Unit

If you have an older AC unit, then consider replacing the air conditioner. Older units do not have the same energy efficiency as newer options. Furthermore, an older unit may not effectively cool your space. By replacing the current unit, you cut costs and improve your savings throughout the summer.

Air conditioning is an important part of staying comfortable during the summer months. Fortunately, you can stay cool without facing high energy expenses. To learn more about keeping your cooling costs down this summer, contact us today.