8 Signs it May be Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

8 Signs it May be Time to Replace Your Air ConditionerWith warm weather on the horizon, it is important to take care of any air conditioner repairs or replacements now. Make sure you know the signs that it may be time to replace your air conditioner.

Tricks to Try Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Now, just because you are experiencing some problems with your air conditioner does not automatically mean the whole thing needs to be replaced. Before talking to a professional about a replacement, make sure you check the obvious things.

1. Change your air filters.

Your air filter plays a huge role in how well your air conditioner functions. Not only is it important to buy high-quality air filters, but it is also important to change them according to the manufacturer’s directions. A dirty or clogged filter prevents your air conditioner from running smoothly.

2. Check your thermostat.

It might seem obvious, but often, the problem is simply a bad connection between your thermostat and your air conditioner. Make sure the thermostat doesn’t need new batteries or that the electrical connection has not been severed.

3. Schedule a professional tune-up.

Of course, before calling the shots on a replacement, make sure your air conditioner has been professionally inspected by a licensed HVAC technician. It’s a good idea to schedule annual maintenance so that small problems can be repaired or monitored.

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

If you notice more than one of the following issues occurring, it could very well be that it’s time to replace your entire air conditioner. Make sure you carefully evaluate your system for the following signs.

1. Your air conditioner is more than 10-15 years old.

Depending on the age and model of your air conditioner, it might simply be outdated. In most cases, it’s better to replace a faulty air conditioner than repair it if it has already reached the end of its lifespan.

2. Your air conditioner is the incorrect size.

One of the most common problems with household A/C units is that they are incorrectly sized. A too-small air conditioner cannot keep up with its workload, while a too-big air conditioner constantly turns on and off, wearing down its lifespan.

3. The temperature always feels uneven depending on the room you are in.

Uneven cooling typically indicates a clogged filter or dirty ducts. However, if both of those things have been taken care of and the temperature is still uneven, it is probably a long-term issue with your unit.

4. The temperature never reaches the number on the thermostat.

If the number on your thermostat and the temperature in the house never quite seem to match, it’s time to call a professional. Your air conditioner might be overloaded and need a replacement.

5. You constantly have to invest in repairs.

Household repairs are inevitable, but there comes a point when they cross the line. If you are constantly sinking money into your air conditioner only to have it break down again, invest in a replacement instead.

6. Strange noises or odors always seem to be present.

Pay attention to your nose and ears. Bad smells or loud noises might indicate a need for a repair, but if they occur regularly, a replacement might be necessary instead.

7. Your monthly energy bill is consistently climbing.

A well-maintained, energy-efficient system should produce consistent monthly bills. If your bills seem to be getting higher, find the root of the problem.

8. You notice a decrease in your indoor air quality even when you change the air filter.

Your HVAC system plays an important role in your home’s indoor air quality. If you notice an increase in allergic systems or respiratory infections, your system could be the culprit.

Do You Need a Reputable HVAC Company?

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