7 Ways to Minimize the Strain on Your Air Conditioner During the Summer

7 Ways to Minimize the Strain on Your Air Conditioner During the SummerDepending on how hot it gets where you live, your air conditioner has to work hard to keep up. Unfortunately, the more strain you put on your air conditioner, the shorter its lifespan gets. Learn how to minimize the strain on your air conditioner during the summer to save money on repairs and utility bills.

How to Minimize the Strain on Your Air Conditioner

To increase your air conditioner’s lifespan and say money on repairs, it is important to minimize strain on the system. Even during the hot summer months, you can show your air conditioning system some love by taking the following steps.

1. Use a smart thermostat to customize your cooling.

Allowing your air conditioner to run unnecessarily is one of the fastest ways to decrease its lifespan. That said, no one wants to come home from work to a hot house. The solution? A smart thermostat allows you to turn your air conditioner from a distance, keeping it from running during the day but cooling it down before you get home.

2. Invest in an energy-efficient air conditioner.

When an air conditioner is not energy-efficient, it has to work harder to keep up. An energy-efficient unit with a good SEER rating cuts down on energy waste and helps your system run efficiently. As an added bonus, reduced energy consumption means a reduced energy bill.

3. Properly clean and maintain your HVAC system.

A poorly maintained HVAC system loses its efficiency quickly. To reduce strain on the air conditioner, make sure you clean both the indoor and outdoor units. Check your vents to make sure they are clean and free from dents.

4. Change your air filter often.

Your air filter’s job is to prevent pollutants from entering your home’s air circulation. When it becomes clogged, the clean air has to work harder to get through the filter. This places extra strain on your air conditioner and decreases your indoor air quality.

5. Find ways to increase your home’s shade.

To provide your air conditioner with a little booster, try to find small ways to make your home naturally cooler. You can accomplish this by planting a tree, installing patio awnings, investing in window shutters, etc.

6. Thoroughly inspect your home for leaks or drafts.

A drafty home not only lets warm air in, but it also lets cool air out. Once or twice a year, inspect your home (particularly the basement, attic, and around doors and windows) for leaks and drafts. If necessary, you can add insulation to protect the air exchange from occurring.

7. Schedule a professional tune-up.

A professional HVAC inspection alerts you of any small issues sprouting up in your air conditioner. Dealing with small problems before they become big problems saves you money and reduces strain on the A/C unit.

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